The Buck and Beard Hunting Club

Great whitetail deer and wild turkey hunting opportunities in Saluda and Edgefield Counties of South Carolina

Welcome to Buck & Beard and thank you for taking the time to check us out.  We are a family-oriented organization of men and women dedicated to constantly learning, improving and expanding our passion for the outdoors and the opportunities to enjoy safe successful deer and turkey hunting.  If you are seeking a new experience, we encourage you to read on to determine if we offer what you are looking for.  For more information and to schedule a tour of our properties, please give us a call or email us.

2021 Deer Hunting Seasons – Zone 2

Archery Only – September 15th – 30th

Primitive Weapons – October 1st – 10th

Gun Hunts – October 11th – January 1st

About Us

At the conclusion of the 2012 deer hunting season, a group of men who had been hunting together for years met to discuss a vision of forming a new hunting club.  They collectively represented many years of hunting in very diverse clubs across the state and input from their experiences helped set the foundation for a new club.  By the end of the meeting, it was obvious that we all shared the same ideals for a FAMILY-ORIENTED hunting club and we stood united to pursue our vision.  On that day in January of 2013, the Buck & Beard Hunting Club became a reality and at that time, we adopted a simple, but powerful goal, where we “AIM” TO RESPECT THE SPORT, THE RESOURCES AND EACH OTHER!

Our membership can expect, in all our undertakings, SAFETY to be at the top of our list.  In all we do, before we act, we take every humanly conceivable risk out of the picture and through teamwork, we get the job done.

We are a united group that takes great pride in our families and all participation they may have in our activities.  There is nothing quite like witnessing a youngster harvesting that first deer.  It is a milestone to be remembered for a lifetime and to be able to share in that moment brings joy to each of us.

Members are obligated to participate in work days, which typically begin in January.  While only 6 work days are required, most of our members come to as many work days as possible for various reasons: to learn the land; to take advantage of the cooler days in the early months; to get away from the typical, day-to-day norm;  to feel a sense of commitment to their club; and FELLOWSHIP.  When we close our work days, we may be sore and exhausted, but we feel good.  We have just spent quality time with friends and in the process, learned more about “my hunting club”.

We currently have large tracts of hunting property of mixed terrain in Saluda and Edgefield Counties of South Carolina.  Our annual membership roster is determined based on the acreage of hunting property we lease, the known and projected expenses, and the maintenance of a constant dues structure, while maintaining an excellent member to acre balance.  We do not solicit members for the sake of paying expenses.  We seek long-term members who will commit themselves to our ideals, become involved in helping us expand those ideals and get their families involved.  The dues are $650.00 per calendar year, which includes whitetail deer, wild turkey, feral hog, coyote and other varmints for the calendar year, as regulated by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources.  First year members pay an additional one-time fee of $100.00.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for membership?

Send us an email using the Contact Form on the website or give us a call at one of the numbers on the website.  Provide your name and address and a current copy of our Bylaws and a Membership Application will be sent to you.

Can I bring a visitor?

Members may bring visitors, starting November 1st, up to 3 times per visitor.  The 1st visit is free and the 2nd and 3rd are $20.00.

Are there any restrictions on when I can hunt?

Hunting is permitted 7 days a week.

What types of stands are available?

The majority of member and club stands are tower stands.  There are some metal lean-to type stands and ground blinds, as well.  Members are permitted to use climbing stands or clamp-on stands if desired.  It is important to note that there are no private stands.  If a stand is on our properties, whether marked on the map or not, it is open for any member or guest to hunt.

Are members permitted to bait deer with corn?


What is required of members?

New members must provide 1 all-weather stand.  Additional stands may be provided.  All personally owned stands must be approved by the officers.  They remain the property of the owner, who is responsible for its on-going maintenance for safety and use by all members and guests.

All members are required to participate in 6 scheduled work days, which are all scheduled on Saturdays.  Typically, work days begin early morning and we wrap up around noon.  Should there be circumstances that prevent Saturday workdays, members can coordinate make up days, including during the week.

The rest is common sense.  Know, understand and abide by the rules set forth by the SCDNR and the Rules and Regulations of the Buck and Beard Hunting Club.

What does the cost of membership include?

Membership entitles you, your spouse and children under the age of 18 at home to hunt under your membership as Gratis Members.  Special privileges are granted to children serving in the military and children in college.

Whitetail deer and wild turkey.  Coyote, hogs and other predators.

How do I arrange a tour of the property?

Property tours start in January.  Prospective members who have submitted an application will be notified of the dates and locations.

Does your club follow QDMA guidelines?

We do not at this time.  We do stay informed and adopt some of the recommendations.  There is a 100 lb. minimum weight restriction on all tracts.  Our Long Cane tract has no restrictions on bucks.  Our Hollywood, Old Cherokee and Chappells Ferry tracts have a 6 pt. minimum and a recommended 12″ minimum inside spread.

Are ATV’s allowed?

Yes, they are especially useful during the off season for work days, scouting, etc.  Also, there are some stands located at the furthermost points from dedicated vehicle parking areas, where ATV’s are permitted.  Plus, they come in real handy for hauling out harvests.

Are hunting rights limited to deer and turkey?

Primarily, we are a deer and turkey hunting club.  We encourage members to take out coyotes, hogs and other predators while hunting deer and turkey.  Small game hunting is allowed outside of deer and turkey seasons with one exception.  Rabbit hunting is not allowed on our Hollywood tract.  Night hunting for coyotes and other predators approved by the SCDNR is allowed in the off-season.  Those dates are announced to members on a year-to-year basis.

How much does a membership cost?

Three levels of membership:  $750.00 new members, $650.00 returning members and $1,000.00 membership without work days.

What is the topography of the land?

Varying controlled planting of pines from seedlings to mature, cut overs, acorn rich hardwoods and creek bottoms.  The variety meets most every preference a deer or turkey hunter would prefer.

How many acres are available for hunting?

1991 acres

Where is your hunting club located?

Edgefield and Saluda Counties, 5 to 8 miles from downtown Saluda, SC.

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